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Review, Comment, Score

Virtual Judge Role

Virtual Judges review, comment, and score student Mission Folders. Through this volunteer opportunity, Virtual Judges encourage students to continue exploring the possibilities of STEM through supporting innovation and creativity.

Who are Virtual Judges

Anyone over the age of 18 and out of high school may volunteer. Virtual Judges may be STEM enthusiasts, post-secondary students, military personnel, or individuals who value making an impact on the lives of students.

Role Requirements

  • Virtual Judges must have a computer with an internet connection, as this opportunity is entirely virtual
  • Virtual Judges must be 18 and over, and out of high school
  • Virtual Judges must be available to review Mission Folders whenever their schedule allows during a 2 week time frame in March
  • This is an entirely self-paced, flexible opportunity that can accommodate any schedule within the March time frame
  • Scoring Mission Folders typically takes less than an hour per folder
  • Training and scoring rubrics are provided

Virtual Judges may also volunteer as CyberGuides.

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